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The Photostat machine consisted of a large camera which photographed the documents or papers and exposed the image directly onto the rolls of photographic. A prism gets placed in front of the lens which reverses an image. After an exposure of 10-second exposure, the paper automatically directs to the developing as well as fixing baths which are then either air- or machine-dried.
The Photocopy On rental prints and produced with the help of such machines which are commonly referred as photostats. We deliver on to provide such machines on rent to our clients and to everyone who approaches us. Our provided machines need not require much maintenance. We provide these machines for all the legal, personal or professional uses or if there are any other purposes.
The machine of Photocopy On Rent in Delhi refer in making copies in such a way that the trademarked name Xerox was later used to making in any copy which was made by the means of electrostatic photocopying and the people who are operated in these machines are known as photostat operators.
We have the well-experienced staff with highly qualifies professionals who are involved in the dealing, retailing and manufacturing the photocopy or photostat machines. We are well known for providing photocopy machines on rent. This is because the machines we give on rent to the people have helped them in expanding their business and have generated a large revenue to them.