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The Photostat machine or Photostat is an early projection photocopier which was created in the decade of 1900s through Commercial Camera Company which now has become the Photostat Corporation. The name Photostat name originally was the trademark of the company and was used to refer to the similar machines produced by the other companies.
The Photocopy On Hire has frequently increased the growth of most of the business especially during the industrial revolution which was created for the need of more efficiency in transcription than hand copying.
For the process of photocopying or having the xerox of any paper or document Carbon paper was the only mode for the same. It ( carbon paper) was first used in the early 19th century.
Originally, copying presses were used to copy all the outgoing correspondence. Then later on many ones by one other method appeared and came in their existence like the copying baths and roller copiers. Among all these methods which came into existence after the birth of copying presses, the most significant of them was the Blue process which was established in the early 1870 and was mainly used to make the blueprints of architectural as well as engineering drawings.
Stencil duplicators which are also known Mimeograph machines was surfaced in 1874, and the Cyclostyle in the year 1891. These all were manual and mostly involved messy fluids. But the photocopy machines has reduced the entire workload of hand copying and give outputs with the speed of microseconds and very frequently.