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A photocopier is also known as the copier or the copy machine. It is a machine which makes copies of the paper, documents, and other visual images very quickly and extreme cheaply. The current photocopiers use the technology which is known as xerography.
It is a dry process which uses an electrostatic charge on a light-sensitive photoreceptor which first attracts and then it transfer toner particles or a powder onto a paper in the form of an image.
Heat and pressure or a combination of both are requires to fuse the toner onto the paper or the sheet of paper. Copier On Rent in Delhi NCR use other technologies such as ink jet because mostly xerography is the standard for office copying.
Photocopier Machine On Rent in Delhi NCR gradually replaced copies made by Photostat, carbon paper, and other duplicating machines. Photocopying is widely used in the business and education and many other relevant sectors.
The Photocopier On Rent in Delhi NCR have professional photocopiers and always gain obsolete information of what to copy because their workers have increased the use of digital document creation, with large storage and distribution.
Photocopier On Rent in Delhi India relies very less on distributing the actual pieces of paper this is because photocopiers continue to be widely used and almost everywhere.
There are some convergence in some high-end machines among the roles of a photocopier, fax machine, scanner, and a computer network-connected printer in a multifunction printer. These high-end machines can also copy and print in color.